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Why you should outsource your janitorial services.

Outsourcing your janitorial services allows you and your team to hone in on your product out services, while someone else does the cleaning.Total Custodial Services, LLC will save you time and resources. enabling you to focus on growing your business and literaly outshine your competition. 


The cost-savings alone should be reason enough to hire a janitorial company. As business owners and managers, we know with this economic landscape, it is very important to keep operating cost to a minimum.

Here are a few more reason to outsource:

  • ​You are paying your team to handle the day to day cleaning tasks, while losing that valuable time that could be focused on the core value of your business.
  • Exerience, training and supervision is needed to properly clean and maintain a healthy work environment. 
  • Supplies and equipment. We offer all inclusive packages.
  • Deduction benefits, Our service is no different than getting a/c, plumbing repairs or landscaping.




Your company has experts in thier field. Total Custodial Services, LLC has a combined 150+ years of family experience in our field. We will help you manage the facilities janitorial and maintenance department.  We have updated equipment and use the best practices when it comes to protecting our environment. Our cleaning products and methods are green certified.  


When you use our janitorial services, you will have the flexiblilty to utilize how you receive our service. We offer 24/7 staffing. We will work with you so that you may adjust and accomodate your business better.



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